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Over 5 years in the making, AXEL CITY 2  brings together 40 playable characters in a brand new 2D fighter game. Set in a modern divided world, rival factions vie for control of the Earth.


Each character is fully voiced with their own unique story in Arcade Mode, adding to the anime-style drama. Play through the challenging Fighting Mode to take on 25 CPU-controlled enemies and learn more about each fighter along the way. Easily connect combos from footsies or normal attacks and then go for juggles with special or super finishers. 


    • 40 playable characters
    • 0.3 frame input lag response—the fastest benchmark in the game industry
    • Classic fighting game design
    • Story Mode
    • Fighting Mode
    • Training Mode
    • Operate in landscape or portrait 
  • Players: 1-2

    Genre: Fighter

    Languages: English, Japanese

    JVS' Compatible: Yes

    Input Lag: 0.3 Frames

    Monitor: Horizontal (Recommended), Vertical

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