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For over 50 years the Avengers have delighted fans through comic books, television series, and movies. With the Avengers: Infinity Quest pinball, you go into a pinball adventure where you will transform into your favorite superheroes as you battle Thanos and his minions across the cosmos. On his unrelenting quest for intergalactic omnipotent power, it's a race to hunt down and recover the six Infinity Gems before Thanos and the Black Order succeed in this action-packed pinball experience. 

Avengers: Infinity Quest Pinball

    • Virtual Underground Portal butyrate to showcase Portal locks with lighting effects
    • Hulk spinning target
    • Pym laboratories' stand-up target
    • Avengers Computer Bingo grid 3 target drop bank
    • Aerodynamic Thanos Infinity Gauntlet butyrate with lights
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