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American Pinball is proud to announce Barry Oursler's final all-new design, commemorating his illustrious career in game design. In honor of Barry, American Pinball is excited to introduce Barry O's BBQ Challenge—a pinball adventure that captures the essence of summer fun and embodies the spirit of neighborhood BBQ festivals across America.


Crafted with the durability of the finest smokers and featuring vibrant animations, Barry O's BBQ Challenge promises endless entertainment and joy. This game is a tribute not just to Barry's legacy in pinball design but also to their rich culture of barbecue, making it an essential edition for both pinball enthusiasts and barbecue aficionados. 

Barry O's BBQ Challenge

    • Spinner Sauce: Put your own spin on BBQ sauce for better ratings and higher scores
    • Sweepable Drop Targets: Return of a classic! Sweepable 2-bank drop targets
    • Bash Locks: Locked balls that can be bashed for big points
    • Scoring Posts: Circular targets can be scored from any angle
    • Recipe Value Ramp: Increase shot values as you cook recipes for higher scores
    • The Stars of BBQ: Defeat them to become the next Pitmaster
  • Height: 75"

    Length: 29"

    Depth: 55"

    Weight: 275 lbs.

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