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Celebrate 20 years of the world's favorite hunting game with Big Buck Hunter® Reloaded™! This definitive entry in the series features more content than you can shake a stick at—including new hunts (Zombie Deer), new weapons (Bow Hunting), and new story-driven campaigns—including In Case of Monsters: Lost Island and Terminator Salvation: Delta Mission! No matter where your adventure takes you, get there faster with a new player-friendly interface.


Want all the new game releases and updates? For a small monthly subscription fee, connect your Big Buck Hunter online and enjoy the benefits of new content. For questions about the online subscription model, please contact our sales team at (847) 709-6223.


Big Buck Hunter® Reloaded™ is available in two sizes, a normal and mini version. 

Big Buck Hunter® Reloaded™

  • Big Buck Hunter® Reloaded™ (Monitor not included)

    Height: 86"

    Length: 31.5"

    Depth: 51.7"


    Big Buck Hunter® Reloaded™ Mini

    Height: 90.2"

    Length: 41.4"

    Depth: 30.7"


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