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Houdini is a name known and respected around the world as is one that is associated with greatness. This legendary figure is now celebrated with this premier machine from American Pinball. Help Houdini perform his greatest tricks, be part of his movies, participate in a seance, and go on secret missions. 

Houdini: Master of Mystery

    • Three magnets to control Houdini's Magic
    • Over 20" launch into Houdini's Steamer Trunk
    • Animated & interactive theatre marquee
    • API theater stage
    • Real wood laser engraved planchette
    • Theatre spotlights
    • Custom padlock and gear bumper tops with chains
    • 6 balls
  • Height: 75"

    Length: 29"

    Depth: 55"

    Weight: 275 lbs.

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