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A brand new take on the classic Bowl O Rama arcade game. Each Jukebox Bowl O Rama comes with a wireless microphone so you can sing along to your favorite songs.


Don't want to show off your awesome singing voice to friends? The Jukebox also features a 12" subwoofer and can connect to any smartphone device with wireless capability allowing for party power sound. Once the dance party is over, grab up to four friends and play the given classic bowling games.

Jukebox Bowl O Rama

  • Regulation Ten Pin Bowling

    Ten Pin Poker


    Trick Shot

    Bowl 21

    Slow-Motion Instant Replays

  • Dimensions: 28.5" W x 31" D x 64" H

    Shipping Dimensions: 39" W x 30" D x 70" H

    Weight: 245 lbs.

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