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Incredible Technologies is pleased to partner with Glitchbit to bring you the next big hit of your home game room—Retro Raccoons. This is the only arcade game with a "Cheers" mode, requiring players to have a drink (patented).


The game can be played with a beverage that is alcoholic or non-alcoholic in a bottle, can or common glassware. 2-4 players compete in a collection of minigames and trivia questions. With only 1 button and a joystick, players of all ages and game experience can participate.

Retro Raccoons

    • Classic retro look and feel
    • 40+ fun, fast-paced mini games
    • Special "Cheers" mode available
    • Perfect for any age in any location
    • Future content updates
  • Height: 72"

    Length: 38"

    Depth: 26.5"

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