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Classic ninja-style action is now available for your home! Join Dan and Erika in their quest to stop the evil Shadowlord in this 80s-themed intense action game brimming with 4K visuals designed by Tekken 7 illustrator, jbstyle., and a headbanging soundtrack arranged by Keishi Yonao.


Rescue your fellow clansmen and power up by transforming into your ninja form. Choose your path to find the root of all evil or if you dare, challenge the Master Mode and play through every stage battling all of the challenging bosses. Only you can save your friends and family from evil. 


  • Players: 1-2 (Alternating)

    Genre: Action

    Languages: English, Japanese

    JVS' Compatible: Yes

    Input Lag: 2 Frames

    Monitor: Horizontal 

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