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Originally created by Korean developer DEER FARM, SHIKHONDO RED PURGATORY is the definitive version of the Asain mythology-themed shooter. The game itself has been completely revamped to become friendlier for casual players in normal mode while providing a challenge for veterans in hard mode. 


Experience the lush 4K visuals and haunting sounds that are only available on your exA-Arcadia. To give that extra impact when battling through the legions of horror, the music and sound effects have been rebalanced and remixed by former Kojima Productions expert, Masayuki Shimano, and WASi303.


  • Players: 1-2 

    Genre: Shooter

    Languages: English, Japanese, French, Spanish

    JVS' Compatible: No

    Input Lag: 3 Frames

    Monitor: Vertical (Recommended), Horizontal 

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