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Sometimes style evolves, but quality is timeless. Original designs, premium materials, and quality craftsmanship mean that the suite of alleys can be loved for a lifetime. Meet the beautifully crafted 1908 alley, designed specifically for the home. Engineered with the original Skee-Ball® alley in mind, the 1908 pays homage to the launch of the first alley roller, patented in 1908. It's both an enthusiast's and a collector's dream. 

Skee-Ball® 1908

    • Nine (9) Solid, 3.24" Arcade Style Balls
    • Authentic flip-display scoring
    • True to the original alley design from 1908
    • Retro pull handle activation lever
    • Authentic sounds + 10-foot ramp
  • Height: 6' 6"

    Length: 10' 1"

    Width: 2' 5"

    Weight: 560 lbs.

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