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Modern gameplay, meet classic style! The Skee-Ball® Classic has the traditional look and feel of the arcade machine you know and love, but with updated gameplay options that the whole family is sure to enjoy. This vintage-inspired look is perfect for any retro-style home game room. For that special touch of nostalgia, Skee-Ball® Classic provides its traditional gameplay with the industry-standard 10-foot ramp.

Skee-Ball® Classic

    • Nine (9) Solid, 3.24" Arcade Style Balls
    • Original 10-foot alley
    • Classic arcade, carnival, and boardwalk size and style
    • Free play button for at-home play
    • Official sounds and authentic display
  • Height: 7' 1"

    Length: 10' 3"

    Width: 2' 5"

    Weight: 630 lbs.

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